GRAPEVINE, Texas, Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Brian Pasch, author and industry leader in automotive marketing strategies, online dealer education, marketing analytics, and digital retailing is pleased to announce Vistadash as a winner of the 2023 AWA Award in the Business Intelligence Tools category.

Vistadash Wins 2023 AWA Award

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“This product is near and dear to my heart,” says Pasch. “This product was developed with my team many years ago to solve an initial problem of helping dealers understand their digital data and marketing investments. Today, Vistadash has been developed into a true BI platform that encompasses not just the dealer’s website and marketing data but inputs from other data providers to give dealers unique and unprecedented insights on how to save money and improve the customer experience.”

The AWAs were created in 2008 to recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing, primarily focused on websites. Since then, the AWAs have become a benchmark in the automotive industry for recognizing innovative products, now in 20 categories: digital retailing, marketing automation, sales process, dealer websites, digital marketing, SEO and local search, inventory management and merchandising, HR & training, fixed operations, F&I, website merchandising, conversational commerce, video technology, business intelligence tools, reputation management, and our newest categories, automatic payment platforms, digital voice assistants, enterprise retailing, and CDP/MAP technologies.

This year’s lineup of AWA winners included several exciting new products designed to create operational efficiencies for auto dealers, strengthen their brand, and grow their bottom line. In addition to creating new tools, the vendor community fully embraced the challenges and opportunities created by low inventory and a tight labor market.

“I want to thank everyone who participated in the AWA review process this year,” said Pasch. “We watched demonstrations of an amazing group of innovative and progressive products, and we are proud to be associated with these companies and their staff who have invested so much of their time and resources to better serve the automotive dealer community.”

The 2023 AWAs are honored to recognize the efforts of many deserving companies that stand out in their areas of expertise and have proven to be thought leaders, disruptors, and innovators.

Go to to watch video product reviews and demonstrations in all 20 categories and hear how these products can solve pain points and make a positive impact on dealer operations.

About Vistadash:

Developed with the feedback of dealers across the country, Vistadash is a vendor-neutral company created to help dealers manage their human resources, processes, and marketing investments.

The Vistadash software platform is a stand-alone product that is open to any dealership. Vistadash is designed to be the standard for automotive data warehousing providing valuable insights to the dealers who use the software.



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