Vistadash 800 Start Up Form

Welcome to Vistadash!

Please submit this completed Startup Form.

All fields with a blue asterisk * next to them must be entered before submitting the form.

If you’re not able to complete the form, you can use the “Save and Continue Later” link at the bottom of the form (next to the Submit button). You’ll receive a link that is valid for 30 days and have an option to have that link emailed to you also. You must save the link in order to use it later and continue.

Once you are done, and have successfully submitted the form, follow the instructions to share your Google Analytics with Vistadash.

Note: If you choose to “Save and Continue Later”, You MUST save the link in order to use it and continue at a later time.

arrowPlease note, that until you’ve shared your Google Analytics (instructions below) with Vistadash, you have NOT completed the necessary steps to get started.

How Do I Share Google Analytics with Vistadash?
Vistadash-AnalyticsTo share Google Analytics with Vistadash:

  1. Login to your Google Analytics Account
  2. Click on the “Home” icon on the left hand side of the page
  3. Click on the website URL
  4. Click on the “Admin” gear in the lower right hand corner
  5. Click on “User Management” (any version)
  6. Click on the plus in upper right- add user – add
  7. Under Permissions Select the “Edit” and “Collaborate” options
  8. Click “Add” upper right

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