PCG is proud to announce the launch of its new service, the ROIBOT™ Executive Dashboard, at the 2013 NADA Convention & Expo in Orlando, Florida. ROI-BOT at NADA

The culmination of a year’s worth of work with car dealers and vendors alike, ROIBOT™ is the first automated system to pull a dealership’s most important metrics from multiple sources nightly including: Website Analytics, Paid Search, Inventory Publishing, Call Metrics, Social Media, Online Reviews, Chat, CRM data and more.

The NADA Convention & Expo is one of the top automotive industry events of the year. This year, NADA will take place Friday, Feb. 8 through Monday, Feb. 11, 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, and it is there that ROI-BOT ™ will make its long-awaited debut.

Going Beyond the Basics to Actionable Insights

How are the various initiatives of the dealership performing without getting into the weeds? Is the team setting more appointments, and driving more traffic to the website that has the potential to buy more cars, or is the marketing budget eaten up by tire kickers and unrelated traffic? In today’s world of traditional, digital and vendor spends, dealership management needs an executive dashboard like ROI-BOT™  where they can login and get actionable insights.

Group Marketing Reports Made Easy

Do you have a mountain of reports to pull from every vendor for a group of 5, 10, 20 or more stores every month? Don’t have a standard way to pull and compare data between stores? Simplify those monthly, quarterly and yearly reports with automated consolidation for all your stores in one account with ROIBOT™.

Tired of Losing Data After Leaving a Vendor?

It’s a problem almost every dealer has struggled with, data retention after cancelling a service and starting over with a new vendor. ROIBOT™ offers the ability to continue tracking stats with the new vendor, comparing metrics over time against the previous provider. Switching websites and can’t bring your Google Analytics with you? No problem, the saved information in ROIBOT™ keeps your visitors, page views and other important metrics accessible for reporting over time.

Stop by PCG’s booth at NADA, where we will be giving live demonstrations of what ROI-BOT can do for your dealership, showing you how to track and automatically analyze your budget, results and changes over time.