We are proud to announce that VistaDash has teamed up with TECOBI® to make your marketing campaigns that much more effective. For those of you who are unsure who TECOBI® is and what they do, buckle in and prepare to have your mind blown.

What Is TECOBI®?

First thing’s first, TECOBI® doesn’t take the back seat. By reaching out to customers through a unique digital advertising strategy, clients now have the opportunity to connect with new customers each and every day. Everybody needs a little push, and by extending out to shoppers who might not have begun the shopping process, dealerships can be the first to make an impact and get the ball rolling.

Facebook® ads specialists at TECOBI® create and manage compelling advertisements which entice local shoppers to click. Once clicked, TECOBI® then sends an instant text message to the customer about the offer they had just showed interest in. Then, through the TECOBI® app, customers and the respective business can communicate to set up appointments. It’s as simple as that!


As seen in the screenshot above, with this integration dealers will have the ability to not only see the amount of leads that were obtained through TECOBI® ads, they will also be able to see how many of those leads actually engaged with the text message that followed.

Combining Forces

Now, think about two large forces like VistaDash and TECOBI® coming together—two powerhouses in the industry joining their strengths to make life easy for vendors. What could be better than that? This integration gives businesses the opportunity to track their leads from TECOBI®, how those leads were handled, and their all around performance in VistaDash. Being able to track performance in one convenient location is a lot to ask for, but with VistaDash and TECOBI® working as one, the sky’s now the limit.

To learn more about VistaDash and how we are continuing to help clients day-in and day-out, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. If you’re looking to sign up, simply fill out the quick and easy form on our website!