Be in control of dealership data with the executive dashboard for the automotive dealer, ROI-BOT™. In addition to creating a vendor-neutral home base for all marketing reports, ROI-BOT™ allows dealers to make the most of their time with its customizable Scorecard.

The Scorecard allows dealers to see how they’re doing on their goals. By setting custom goals with measurable metrics, they can work towards achieving these documented goals.

 ROI-BOT dealer scorecard

While all metrics are important, dealers can determine what product they want tracked, as well as the metric to be included in the scorecard. By setting goals, ROI-BOT™ will help dealers determine their status with a grade of green, yellow or red.

Metrics can be set by clicking on the wheel within the Scorecard.


ROI-BOT dealer scorecard

Once in Scorecard Setup, dealers can select exactly what they want to be tracked. Simply select the vendor group and metric to get started!

“The new Scorecard is the perfect way for dealers to set goals for their vendors. They’ll be able to see what they’re getting out of all of their services and be able to push them further and increase their productivity,” said Carrie Hemphill, Marketing Director for ROI-BOT.™

Make more sense of the marketing and reports by with ROI-BOT.™ By setting concrete goals in the Scorecard, dealers will be able to track their success and see their results on one screen!

For more information on the reporting dashboards of ROI-BOT™, please call 888-710-2249 or schedule a demo with the team during NADA!