ROI-BOT Software Inc. continues to expand functionality to dealers within ROI-BOT; an innovative business intelligence platform.  The integration of Google Webmaster Tools means that dealers can create customized widgets based on valuable information provided by Google.  Webmaster tools has a number of key data metrics that grade the health of a dealer’s website as well as their site authority for specific keywords.  One of the most ignored statistics on dealer website is page errors, which often are a sign of a problem.

ROI-BOT brings to light the top keywords that are driving traffic to a dealer’s website as the top performing pages on the site. Integrated into ROI-BOT are messages sent by Google regarding the health of the dealer’s website.  This information is valuable for ongoing SEO efforts and content targeting strategies.

“Never again will dealers be unaware of problems that Google identifies on their website.  These messages are often never seen by dealers, but ROI-BOT brings transparency to all of the dealer’s data that impact their online presence.” stated Matt O’Such, Product Manager for ROI-BOT.  “Our product roadmap has 10-12 new data feeds per month ready to be added to ROI-BOT.”


One Login – Rich Data

With ROI-BOT dealers can access all their critical business marketing and operations data from a single interface.  The insights, alerts, and visualization of data will give dealers new ways to leverage their data.   To schedule a demo of ROI-BOT, complete the form on the right side of this page.