About Us

Vistadash was developed with the understanding that dealerships needed a better, more efficient way to track and measure the success of their marketing efforts. It’s was built with the help of feedback from dealerships across the country.

Vistadash assesses new metrics like Button-Click-Ration (BCR), Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE), Zero-Engagement-Per-Page (ZEP), Engagement Per Session (EPS), and Form Completion Rates (FCR). There’s no other marketing tool that is offering this kind of tracking. This gives you the ability to determine which campaigns aren’t worth the money you’re spending on them, and in turn, saves you time and money by allowing you to focus your marketing dollars where they can do the most good.

Vistadash aggregates all of your data and can track the engagement going on in your campaigns and on your website without any disruptions. What you get is a powerful arsenal of information with support from our team of specialists, all in one place, which allows you to be more dynamic with your marketing budgets.

The People Behind The Product

Developed with the feedback of dealers across the country, Vistadash is a vendor-neutral company created to help dealers manage their human resources, processes, and marketing investments.

The Vistadash software platform is a stand-alone product that is open to any dealership. Vistadash is designed to be the standard for automotive data warehousing providing valuable insights to the dealers who use the software.

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To learn more about Vistadash, please fill out the form, and we’ll schedule a 10-minute demo with your team in the next few days. We look forward to helping you see your data clearly!