Switching vendors happens. To ensure your Vistadash reporting stays up to date, it is highly recommended that you reach out to your Marketing Strategist regarding any updates or vendor changes. Here are a few things we suggest letting us know about in the event of any changes:

When switching websites:
It is vital for us to know this information at least a few days ahead of the new site going live; this way, we can make sure the correct codes are added to the new site and the Vistadash team can go in and update any tagging as needed.
The result? No lapse in data for your reporting and analysis.

When adding or switching vendors such as Chat/Text/DNI:

These are all goals that we watch carefully here at Vistadash. If, for example, a Chat vendor switch is made, having advance notice can ensure that there are no tagging delays and, therefore, no data loss on the updated Chat tool you have added to your site.

When it comes to budgets:
It is always great to have updated information so that our Marketing Strategist team has visibility into current vendor costs to help better analyze performance.