ROI-BOT™, the executive dashboard for dealership marketing activities and vendor reports, integrates data from one of dealers’ most important marketing tools, their website!

Websites are one of the many places that dealers should be logging into daily to audit activity and results. ROI-BOT™ makes it easy for dealers to quickly login and find the most important information in one place! ROI-BOT™’s design also offers all data in quick, easy to read graphs and charts.

Once you log into the platform, the start tab is home to two of the pages that dealers should be checking daily, update and scorecard. The update page gives dealers insights into any new or alarming activity on their website. Important marketing metrics, such as bounce rate and page views, are available for dealers to see at a glance.

The scorecard page includes an overview of website metrics available in the dealer platforms and Google Analytics, such as visits and time on site, as well as other important metrics side by side, like in marketing shopping activity!

dealer score cardTabs for analytics, leads and inventory allow dealers a deeper dive into their most important metrics.

ROIBOT Car Inventory Marketing Dashboard

Website vendors integrated into ROI-BOT™ include:

  • Autofusion
  • Clickmotive
  • Cobalt
  • DealerFire
  • Dealer Lab
  • DealerOn
  • Dominion
  • Driving Force
  • eBizAutos
  • Ford Direct
  • Motion Fuze
  • Naked Lime
  • Pixelmotion
  • TK Carsites / KPA
  • VinSolutions


With one single login, dealers can see their website data in an easy to read report to see the ROI of their marketing activities on their website.

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