VW SouthTowne & VW Lee’s Summit

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Decrease in
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Increase in
Vehicle Sales


It is often a challenge for dealers to give their trust, and their money, to vendors with the hope that they are being transparent and delivering on their promises. Top-performing stores, Volkswagen Lee’s Summit in Missouri and Volkswagen SouthTowne in Utah, encountered this when their e-Commerce Director identified unusual results of display-focused KPIs amongst the two stores. It seemed that the volume of traffic to the website was not relative to the amount of leads, website activity, time on site, and bounce rate that were being reported.

Though their Google Analytics data was concise, he had a gut feeling that their Paid Search vendor was not delivering on their services—one of the key indicators being an influx in bot traffic. With a monthly spend of over $20k, that gut feeling motivated
him to stay ahead of the curve in digital marketing, and eventually, turning to Vistadash in September of 2017 to get to the bottom of the discrepancies.


The Vistadash team was up for the challenge. Upon digging into the engagement data and reports, they noticed several alarming problems that needed to be addressed to help these stores get the most out of their marketing budget. The Vistadash team noticed that their geo-fencing was too wide, keyword bidding did not align with the auto industry, and there was a lack of landing page strategy.Seeing these discrepancies that Vistadash uncovered gave the e-Commerce Director the confidence to change Paid Search vendors at a lower cost.


Due to the strategies implemented with the Vistadash tool and Account Team, the stores saw a combined 15K reduction in monthly spend, a 25% increase in leads, 19% increase in Appointments, 22% increase in Shows, and 6% increase in vehicle sales.

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