Learn to Track Engagement at the VistaDash User Group Summit

November 7, 2017 | Boca Raton, Florida
In this digital age, merely knowing how much traffic is coming to your website is not enough. It’s time for dealers to start inspecting the quality of their traffic, instead of focusing solely on quantity, because we’ve found that more traffic won’t necessarily sell you more cars.
This year, VistaDash has been at the forefront of a new breakthrough focusing on the quality of website traffic rather than quantity. The PCG Engagement Project introduced six new marketing metrics (CPE, EPS, BCR, FCR, PER, and ZEP) and now VistaDash has the ability to track how many people are performing actions on the most valuable areas of your dealership’s website. At this summit, attendees will learn more about using these six new metrics to optimize their marketing investments.

By utilizing VistaDash to track engagement, you’ll have more opportunities to allocate your budget into your most engaged campaigns, leading to increased traditional conversions and showroom traffic.

Join us for the VistaDash User Summit on November 7th, and receive $150 off your ticket for the Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit, taking place November 8th and 9th. REGISTER HERE FOR $150 OFF

At the VistaDash User Group Summit, you will:

  • Learn about VistaDash’s engagement tracking through our new marketing metrics
  • Learn new campaign strategies based on our extensive research
  • Find out about the latest vendor API Integrations
  • Receive $150 off the Automotive Analytics & Attribution Summit 

If you’d like to attend the VistaDash User Group Summit, please reserve your seat by filling out the form below.