In the automotive world, there is measurable data everywhere you look. While it’s all important, it can be tough to keep track of at times. Logging in to check bounce rates on your email campaign on one site, then having to log into another to check your impressions on your paid search campaign—and so on until your head is spinning.

With advances in digital marketing and new ways to interact with customers, this data has become more integral to operating a dealership, but has also made gathering key insights more difficult.  What you end up with is all this valuable information and no way to measure it in any meaningful way.  Until now that is.

There are some dealerships that utilize a new tool that isn’t beholden to any CRM or vendors. It provides an honest look at all of your data in ONE place. It’s easy to use and gives general managers and marketing directors a way to efficiently break down and assess their marketing efforts and make adjustments in real-time. It allows them to analyze all their leads and where they’re coming from while also giving you the ability to check reviews across multiple sites in a matter of minutes—and that’s just the beginning.

We spoke with Phillip Adams, Marketing Director of Larson Automotive Group in Washington, to learn more about his experiences with VistaDash, the automotive reporting dashboard that is making a name for itself:

Q: So Phillip, where did you first learn about VistaDash?
P: I was at a local Digital Dealer Conference that Brian Pasch was speaking at. He mentioned the dashboard tool and I had also read about it in his book.

Q: What was your initial impression of VistaDash upon learning about it?
P: I was very excited to hear that there was a tool out there that would bring all of my data to me. Having to log into the assortment of sites for 10 dealerships is very time consuming.

Q: So did you have any doubts about what it could do for your dealership and were those doubts put to rest?
P: I didn’t have any doubts per se, I was interested to know how the data would be culminated into the dashboard. I don’t like to take things at face value, I want to truly understand how everything works so I can trust the information I am looking at. As soon as I had my first conference with our Account Manager, Amber, I knew I could trust her and her explanations. I never felt like she was trying to pacify me. Whenever I asked a question she was unsure of she would always tell me she didn’t have the answer readily available but would do some research and get back to me. She hasn’t failed me yet and I don’t thinks she ever will!

Q: Was there a certain feature or aspect of VistaDash that convinced you it was worth trying out, and did it deliver?
P: I particularly liked the idea of pulling all of our CRM data into one place along with our reputation. There are so many reputation sites out there; it’s difficult to find time to check them all.

VistaDash automotive reporting dashboard reputation management

Q: What obstacles did your dealership face before trying VistaDash?
P: Keeping tabs on all of the information. With trying to manage the information for so many dealerships, my time is very limited.

Q: How did VistaDash help solve those problems?
P: VistaDash helps me stay organized and efficient.

Q: Once you had VistaDash up and running at your dealership, how easily were you able to get the hang of it and its functions?
P: Fairly quickly. Amber was, and still is, a great resource for the tool’s functionality. I’m a fan of technology so I’m not afraid to click on things and see what they do.

Q: Once you got used to working with VistaDash, what did you find to be the most valuable feature for you and your dealership’s needs?
P: I’m a big fan of the scorecard. It allows me to take a quick glance and see what KPIs are on track and which ones I need to investigate.

VistaDash automotive reporting dashboard scorecard

Q: How has VistaDash changed the way you utilize all the data available about your dealership’s processes and digital marketing efforts?
P: Before VistaDash, I spent a lot of time looking at different tools to get a picture of the health of our digital marketing. Now I can see most of it in a snapshot and pinpoint areas that need improvement. I can look at our marketing strategy in terms of the individual dealership and the whole automotive group.

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering trying VistaDash?
P: I would say “Sign up now!” It’s so worth it. If you are a one-point store or a multi-franchise automotive group like we are, VistaDash makes your life easier.

If you are having trouble keeping track of your dealership group’s data, and want a way to utilize the information it provides, like the Larson Automotive Group has, then give VistaDash a try.