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5 Tips for a Dominating Dealership Website

Your website determines whether or not a consumer ever steps foot in your dealership. Keep reading to find out what your dealership site needs to win over more shoppers!...
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3 Tips for a Better Dealership Website

Almost all consumers turn to the internet before stepping foot inside a dealership, so your web presence is more important than ever before. To engage the modern shopper, dealerships must adapt to meet their evolving needs—which means providing the most relevant...
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Automotive Engagement Conference Tour to Begin in Atlanta

VistaDash, in conjunction with its parent company, PCG Companies, is pleased to announce that the first location of the Automotive Engagement Conference Tour will be Atlanta, Georgia. The event will be held on March 23, 2017 at the Marriott Century City...
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Dealers Don’t Know How To Inspect Their Vendor Data

As I write this article January is almost over.  Dealers have set sales goals for 2015 and are executing on their sales and marketing plans. If you ask an automotive dealer if they will hit their year-end goals today, they will...
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Automotive Digital Marketing Managers Need New Tools and Education

By Brian Pasch The automotive industry is going through a number of changes worldwide and franchise dealers are trying their best to keep up with those changes. In the United States, the role of Digital Marketing Manager (DMM), whether it...
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