Serra Ford

Case Study


Serra Ford Rochester Hills had been consistently struggling with a low number of Web Goals. Their Recent Visitors & Remarketing Full Buying Cycle campaigns showed large increases in engagement but continually lack assists and Web Goals each month. (Web Goals capture four main conversations leads, calls, chat, and text)


After a few conversations and some deep reviews of analytics and events in Vistadash, it was determined since the remarketing campaigns were showing low engagement and conversions, it might make more sense to move the money into the Core Priority Models campaign to realize a better return.

Because removing spend entirely from these campaigns would essentially wipe the cookie pool which might be needed later, it was determined that a reduction of spending would be a better solution than complete pausing of these campaigns. Therefore, $200 of remarketing spend was moved to the Core Priority Models campaign leaving the Remarketing budget at $300 instead of $500.

Working together with Vistadash and their paid search vendor the update was made.



  • Remarketing campaigns ended up spending $282.42 and saw a 21% increase in their average engagement score, a 50.3% increase in Photo Engagement rate, and a 77.3% decrease in Cost per VDP view.
  • While the Core Priority Models campaign saw a reduction in overall engagement, combined web goals and assists increased by 42.8%.
    • Web Goals: +4 increase in Chats, -3 down in Phone Calls, +1 increase in Forms, +4 increase in Text
    • Assisted Conversions: +1 increase in Phone Calls; +4 increase in Texts; +1 increase in Chats; +0 increase in Forms