The time has come for dealership management to demand transparency – and for automotive vendors to provide that for them.

Hear our call: make it easier for dealers to inspect their data by respecting their time and giving them new expectations of their reports.

The Three Pillars of the Data Revolution


output_EjFVIDInspect: Dealers need a simplified way of inspecting all of their marketing and sales data from a single dashboard.

Respect:  Marketing vendors must also respect the time of dealers by simplifying the reports and metrics that they expect dealers to inspect.

Expect:  It is time for dealers to expect more from their vendors. That includes simplification of KPIs and education on how to interpret the data for management decision-making.

“We created ROI-BOT as a tool for dealers and vendors to work together,” said Brian Pasch, creator of ROI-BOT. “For dealers, we wanted a place to display all of their vendor data with one single login, and for vendors, a way to be transparent about that data. We encourage the automotive community to join the revolution!”

ROI-BOT can give dealers what they need from their vendors. Vendors – if you want to make data transparency and the presentation of actionable data a high priority, learn how to integrate with ROI-BOT.

The time saving, insights, and actionable data that will be provided will confirm our claims that ROI-BOT is starting a data revolution in the automotive industry. To learn more, visit Viva la revolution!