11140225_10153288000774903_550969921263394919_nAre you part of a large dealer group craving a way to inspect your sales and marketing data? Never fear, ROI-BOT is here!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering free, 12-month trials of ROI-BOT™ Lite to dealer groups with five or more rooftops. Why would we do this? Because we are confident that ROI-BOT will help dealership management save time, money and increase the ROI of their investments.

With ROI-BOT Lite, we will:

  • Show dealers how to better organize their data
  • Visualize dealership data in new ways to make it actionable
  • Outline the new KPIs that are aligned with selling more cars
  • Provide online videos and training to educate your managers on how to read their data
  • Invite dealers to join interactive webinars to take their knowledge to the next level

Nothing to Lose

If you’re part of a dealership group of five or more rooftops, we’ll configure all of your stores with ROI-BOT Lite and with access for a year – without paying us a penny!

“We firmly believe that dealers need an easier way to inspect their marketing and sales data – and ROI-BOT is the tool,” said Brian Pasch, creator of ROI-BOT. “By simplifying reports and housing all of their data in one place, dealers will finally have the time and knowledge to inspect their data and take action.”

This ROI-BOT Lite package is valued at $1,200 ($99/month per store) and is available on a first come, first serve basis. We want to invest in 1,000 rooftops to join the automotive data revolution with ROI-BOT!

To sign up or for more information, visit http://www.roi-bot.com/free-roi-bot-lite/