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Vistadash configures your analytics for you and consistently monitors your tracking so there’s no data interruptions – all while organizing the best way to report on your campaigns.
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Google Analytics, Tag Manager, URL variables…
Configuring every aspect of your digital marketing can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Vistadash Team will:

Utilize Google Tag Manager to standardize the metrics you should be tracking.

Integrate your Website Calls tracking to tie phone calls to the ads that generated them.

Ensure you’re receiving data to populate those metrics from third-party lead providers so you can optimize what’s working.
Monitor your account and configuration on your behalf to ensure you don’t have any interruptions in data.

Receive all of your performance data in one place so you can easily see what is and isn’t working.

Vistadash will ensure you receive the data you need from third-party lead providers and provide you with:

  Campaign tracking and engagement data

   Google My Business insights

   Phone call attribution reports

   Vehicle details page performance

   Third-party insights

“There are many products that promise to revolutionize our multi-million dollar budgets, but the only one that delivers that Holy Grail for us is Vistadash. The ability to show which channels and vendors bring us prospects that actually engage with our website is the final chapter of the story we’ve been dying to read. It’s the difference between knowing your gross and net, intelligence versus guesswork!”

Patrick J. Downes

Director of Digital Marketing, Ruge's Automotive, Inc.

Better Data, Better Performance.

Vistadash Pro

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