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Everything you need to be an excellent digital marketer, strategist included.

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To be a truly great marketer, you need to:

Vistadash Enterprise includes the Configure and Receive aspects of Vistadash Pro and adds a Vistadash Marketing Strategist to consult on three key elements of your marketing: Inventory, Strategy, and People.


Vistadash will configure your analytics for you, utilizing Google Tag Manager to standardize the metrics you should be tracking, and integrates Website Calls to tie phone calls to the sessions that generated them.


We’ll ensure you receive the data you need from third-party lead providers.


Understand your current inventory and how it aligns with the demand in your local market so you can adjust your marketing based on what’s in your lot.


Your Vistadash Marketing Strategist will guide you through your data to understand what’s working and what isn’t, while helping you match your message and content to your performance goals and understand how you compare to your competitors.


Great marketing only matters if your staff is effectively handling the opportunities you’re driving. Staff performance reporting helps you understand how your people are converting leads.

“Having Vistadash is one thing, but having a skilled guide provides a whole other level of insight. [Our Marketing Strategist,] LaToni Thomas brings a wealth of Digital Automotive experience across OEMs, platforms, and Dealer groups that gives us a huge advantage. We are constantly testing and evaluating programs and we place a lot of weight in her ideas and opinions. I’ve worked with what seems like millions of reps, but if I could put one expert on our payroll it would be [her].”

Patrick J. Downes

Director of Digital Marketing, Ruge's Automotive, Inc.

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