Dealer Reports To Be Integrated Into ROI Dashboard

Yago de Artaza Páramo CEO, Paramo Group Inc. (PGI Auto) and Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting announce that dealer reporting from PGI automotive marketing and merchandising services will be integrated into the ROI-BOT dashboard.  PGI Auto joins a growing list of automotive vendors that support data transparency, portability,  and executive level central reporting to increase the visibility of the ROI that their services provide to dealers.

Specifically, ROI-BOT will increase the visibility of the ROI generated by  PGI’s Craigslist Posting Service, Inventory Management Solutions, and their latest Automotive SEO offering.  “Craigslist is a powerful marketing tool when properly implemented, especially when a dealer is using retargeting strategies for display and video.  “Craigslist is a stealth force to support dealers in their quest to become VDP factories,” stated PGI Auto’s CEO, Yago de Artaza Páramo

ROI-BOT is a single-login solution for car dealers to visualize their key data metrics for search, social, chat, advertising, reputation management, call tracking, third party classified sites, CRM performance metrics, and much more.  ROI-BOT provides even greater value for dealers that own multiple franchises since the software provides enterprise reports.

Take a minute to watch the video interview with Yago de Artaza Páramo to understand why his company is excited to have their reports and data in ROI-BOT.

About PGI Auto 

yagoWhen it comes to automotive digital advertising solutions, consider PGI a partner in achieving your goals. Dealers can count on PGI to share the “Truth and Innovations about Digital Marketing” with their team.  PGI  Auto will ensure that the dealer’s digital marketing strategy is effective and profitable.

PCI Auto is proud of their accomplishments over the past 12 years. In 2013 PGI will continue to bring dealers the innovative solutions to meet their growing needs.  Dealers are encouraged to have a conversation with one of PGI Auto’s Certified Senior Account Managers.  On the call be sure to discuss Inventory Management, Craigslist Posting Service, Automotive Website Solutions, and their latest product: Automotive SEO.

By placing a call, dealers will have access to the growing network of experts and developers who deliver winning results for the automotive industry.

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