LotLinx Bundles Marketing Performance Tracking Platform, ROI BOT™ For Dealer Clients: Ensures Visibility To Key Performance Metrics of Vendor Solutions

LotLinx has integrated their proprietary marketing solution into the Automotive Industry’s leading vendor neutral tracking platform for dealership executives; ROI-BOT™ provides dealers comparison of LotLinx performance against multiple digital marketing solutions

San Francisco, CA, January 13, 2014 – LotLinx, the auto industry’s first direct linking technology platform, today announced that it is bundling ROI-ROI-BOT LiteBOT™ Lite, the industry’s leading vendor-neutral performance-tracking platform, to enhance client reporting. All of LotLinx marketing reports and performance metrics will be included in ROI-BOT™ Lite dashboard.

Because LotLinx data feeds are automatically integrated into the ROI-BOT™ Lite, dealers can instantly measure how LotLinx’s direct linking inventory syndication platform measures up across multiple metrics, including VDP views – a critical sale-predictor metric; Cost-per-VDP View, and Cost-per-Shopper, all cross-compared against key marketing vendors including Google Adwords, third party marketing and inventory advertising providers, and more.

“Dealers can only truly understand ROI in their marketing spend  – and take action to optimize it – when they can compare performance across all their vendors, on an objective, unbiased, vendor-neutral platform,” said LotLinx founder Len Short.  “We want our dealers to be able to easily track results to make sure their marketing dollars are delivering. And, of course, we want them to compare and compare and compare LotLinx with every other marketing strategy that they are using. With ROI-BOT™, LotLinx subscribing dealers will now have, at their fingertips, the ultimate in marketing ROI transparency, which we think is a very good thing.”

LotLinx launched in 2013 with a mission to tear down the third-party wall between auto dealers and their customers by replacing lead forms on third-party sites with direct links that send consumers to a vehicle’s detail page (VDP) on the dealer’s website. LotLinx already powers 125+ automotive search sites reaching over 85% of all auto shoppers.

The ROI-BOT™ data warehouse, which is completely vendor neutral, can be configured to show all the vital statistics and metrics dealerships need to inspect the performance of their marketing partners. The data is available 24/7 on an easy-to-use and easy-to-access digital dashboard where dealership executives can log in to review their business data and monitor and cross compare performance.

ROI-BOT Lite Client Reporting Tool

The ROI-BOT™ Lite software, a special version designed for LotLinx clients, will show dealers reporting metrics from real-time data collected from Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Webmaster Tools, and all their Social Media platforms. The software will also include all reporting metrics from the LotLinx network.  Dealers can inspect the performance of their marketing strategy from a single login; something that has never been accomplished before to the scale that ROI-BOT™ delivers.

ROI-BOT Lite Client Reporting Tool

LotLinx customers who want to expand their monitoring and inspect of vendor data can upgrade ROI-BOT™ Lite to the full enterprise version of ROI-BOT™ which includes data analysis for chat solutions, third party call recording platforms, custom website statistics, CRM performance data, third party lead data, and data from dozens of other vendor products serving car dealers.

“We salute LotLinx for embracing the vendor data transparency that ROI-BOT™ delivers to dealers. Since dealers have 10-18 different dashboard logins and reports to review each month, careful analysis of marketing ROI is time consuming.  With one independent platform, dealers can finally have daily, weekly, and monthly reports for all vendors, from a single source.  Best of all dealers can have real-time alerts and scoring that can tell them when marketing metrics need attention; saving them time and money” stated Carrie Hemphill, Marketing Director for ROI-BOT Software.

For a demo of the LotLinx/ROI-BOT Lite integration, stop by Booth #7218 at the 2014 NADA Convention & Expo in New Orleans, January 24th – January 27th.

About LotLinx

LotLinx is the auto industry’s first direct-linking technology platform and connects over 6.5 million consumers searching vehicle inventory online every month directly to the dealership websites where that inventory resides. Founded by a team of veteran automotive and digital innovators, the company’s mission is to tear down the third-party wall between dealers and their customers, and provide a more positive and efficient experience for dealerships and consumers alike. LotLinx’s patent-pending technology replaces lead forms on third-party sites with direct links that transport consumers searching for inventory directly to the dealer’s Vehicle Detail Page (VDP), all at a higher conversion rate and fraction of the cost of other online options. LotLinx is based in San Francisco, CA.

About ROI-BOT Software

ROI-BOT™ is the automotive industry’s leading vendor neutral data reporting platform.  The software directly integrates data from popular digital marketing tools and social media platforms include Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  ROI-BOT™ also directly integrates vendor reporting data from dozens of companies serving dealers with: chat solutions, call recording solutions, CRM platforms, social media marketing, third party leads, third party classifieds, dealer websites, mystery shopping services, call coaching, and more.  The single login data warehouse also contains the most comprehensive vendor data “scorecard” which grades Key Performance Metrics (KPI) and identifies areas of immediate opportunity for dealers to increase the ROI of their marketing and operations.

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