The industry benchmark is there for a reason. Whether it’s in terms of SEO, social, PPC, or something else, it marks the standard for the automotive industry—but it doesn’t do much more than that since dealerships and their communities come in all shapes and sizes. What’s considered good metrics for one dealer, may be way off for another depending on what brands you sell, who your audience is, and how they interact with you.

ROI-BOT gives you a way to measure progress and success that helps you look beyond industry benchmarks to what matters most: real-time data that shows where your leads are coming from and whether you’re hitting your targets. You get all of your online data in one place so you can measure how successful your online tactics are without worrying about where the industry benchmark lies today.

Your Benchmark Is in the Numbers

So how does one data management tool help you set your own benchmark? Quite simply, it’s already in your numbers. The reason an industry benchmark isn’t a good measuring stick is because it covers a broad network of dealerships that are only similar in that they all sell vehicles. Your geotarget may have a much smaller population that would make hitting the numbers that are considered “industry standard” nearly impossible.

ROI-BOT lets you set your own realistic benchmarks and then tracks your progress towards reaching those goals on a regular basis. It shows where you are succeeding, where you’re doing okay, and where you’re falling behind. Then, you can adjust your strategies and tactics to improve your numbers relative to your goals.

As you consistently hit your benchmarks in each category, you can increase your goals and build your online statistics in an organic and sustainable way. You can watch as your mentions on social media go up, watch as your referrals climb steadily, and all while leaving the outdated metric of the industry benchmark in the rearview mirror. ROI-BOT gives you the ability to take control of all the data you have coming in and use it to measure your success, not the success of your industry as whole, by focusing on what’s possible within your target market and audience.

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