Live streaming video apps are the latest and greatest trends on social. This is where followers’ eyes stop when scrolling through Twitter’s newsfeed. Live streaming videos, with Periscope, Instagram, and Facebook Live, lets you reach your followers on a real level while starting conversations about your business. With the Periscope app, watchers can even re-stream your content, allowing you to gain a greater reach. Here are a few ways video streaming can be beneficial to your dealership:

Live stream events at your dealership

Whether you’re having the local all-star little league team over, or a fun sign and sales event, live streaming can bring people in on the fun. They’ll start watching and want to connect with you through your video. Also, they’ll want to keep following you and coming back to stay up-to-date on the dealership.

Fun in the office and behind the scenes

If you’re remodeling your dealership, or decorating for Halloween, use Periscope to give followers a chance to see how much hard work goes into your business.

Live tutorials

Some examples would be a live streaming video in your service center as you check oil and rotate tires: “Don’t know how to change a flat tire? Watch our live stream at 2:00 p.m. to see how to properly change one.”

Q&A with dealers and staff

If Jeep is ready to launch their 2017 Jeep Cherokee, your potential customers are going to have some questions. Set up a live stream with one of your dealers, and encourage followers to ask questions during it so that the information is shared with everyone.

Live stream to announce upcoming sales in real time

Send out a tweet that say’s “We have an exciting opportunity coming up for you! Live stream with us at 1:00 p.m. to hear us announce the summer deal of the century!” Make it exciting so that followers will get excited as well, and be eager to tune in.

Live stream in-action sales at the dealership

Before someone drives away in their new vehicle, do a quick live stream with the customer excited and eager to drive away in their new car.

With live streams now saving on Facebook live, Instagram, and Periscope, the options are endless for great content and video marketing.