By Brian Pasch

Dealers who have the need to hire more than one company for Google Adwords management, can now rejoice.  Multiple Adwords campaigns can now be linked to your primary Google Analytics account.

This need can occur when OEM mandated SEM vendors don’t offer advanced marketing services like video pre-roll advertising.  In this case, a dealer may have two Adwords vendors.  In the past, dealers could only connect one Adwords account to Analytics.

Google’s blog stated:

To maximize marketing investment and return, advertisers need insights into the effectiveness of their ads. However, gaining such insights is often overly cumbersome. This is why we’re pleased to announce that in the coming weeks, the Google Analytics and AdWords account linking process is becoming even more streamlined, making it easier for advertisers to quickly gain rich insights. The new linking process allows you to link multiple AdWords accounts all at once. This enables more tightly controlled linking access for each Google Analytics property.   Read more here 

New Connection Interface

According to Google, they will be rolling out a new interface, like the one shown below:


This announcement is long overdue and is also good news for ROI-BOT clients.  Our data dashboard will now be able to all see Adwords activity and analytics all paid traffic for sales effectiveness.

Where To Look in Analytics

So, if you have multiple Adwords accounts driving traffic to your website, please take the time to connect them to your Google Analytics Account. If you need to know where to look, Google has provided an example of where to find the linking tools, as shown below:


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Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting