Man - Data Reporting

When the time comes to look at sales reports for your dealership, will you be ready to answer the inevitable questions? They can come fast and furious like where are our leads coming from, where are we underperforming, what’s working, what’s not?

These questions can be hard to answer or take a lot of work on your end if you don’t have the right automotive reporting tool. Car dealerships across the country are beginning to see that there is one tool that can help harness all the data they have in one place, and quite clearly show you, your manager, and anyone else interested, where exactly the leads are coming from. That tool is ROI-BOT.

All Your Data, All Your Leads

There is a growing list of places where dealers are getting leads from these days. The digital age has made it easier than ever to reach people looking for a new car. However, that can make it more difficult to keep track of how these people are contacting you. ROI-BOT pulls it all together so you can easily see where your customers are coming from.

If you had ROI-BOT at your disposal, the next time your boss asked to see a report on leads for a period of time, you could present everything your boss needs on one page. A Leads Summary that shows the total amount of leads, appointments, shows, and sales for a given amount of time. Then, you could show them the Top 5 vendors and the Top 5 lead resources from that same time period with charts and graphs that break down the numbers so anyone can understand them.

You can see if calls are up, if appointments are down, and how many people have stopped by the dealership. It’s all your data in one place so you can make full use of these leads without taking up hours of your day each month. ROI-BOT makes finding where your leads are coming from simple, and puts their power back in your hands. If you’d like to get more from your leads, give us a call today at 888-710-2249.