How It Works

VistaDash is a cloud computing solution that allows dealership executives to manage their vendor data and budgets from a central console: their personal data warehouse.

Simplify Your Data

Save time by using just one login to gain access to all of your marketing information.

VistaDash allows dealers to automate their data feeds and also provide manual data entry for vendors that are not yet connected to the VistaDash API. This will allow the data warehouse to contain all the vital statistics and metrics from the dealership’s marketing partners.

With all information in one place, dealers can get rid of all the useless printouts and have access at any time or location, not just at the end of the month.

The 60 Second Check Up

Review all of your key metrics in just 60 seconds a day. The design of VistaDash provides the metrics you want to see, but in less time than any other vendor.

The customizable Dealer Scorecard gives you a quick overview of the health of your marketing investments at a glance and Customized Insights provides selected metrics on a singular dashboard.

Insights Into Dealership Investments

There are hundreds of questions that can be answered using VistaDash:

  • What are the traffic trends for my website as they relate to leads, calls, and sales?
  • How are my investments in SEO and SEM impacting website traffic and leads?
  • How has my chat leads been impacted with changes in my marketing budget?
  • How is my online reputation marketing program working for my dealership?
  • What is the cost per unique visitor to my website from traditional media?
  • What keywords or marketing partners are driving the most traffic to my website?
  • I switched website vendors; how is that working for my dealership?
  • Have investments in phone training increased leads and appointments?
  • What metrics have changed since I started Google Adwords?

Hold Your Vendors Accountable

Having vendors is necessary for getting marketing tasks completed, but it’s only worthwhile if you’re getting results. With quick access to reports and data transparency, VistaDash helps you hold your vendors responsible.

Understand Your Data

All this data is great, but it’s meaningless if you’re not using it. Monthly training calls ensure that you’re not just getting your data – you’re also understanding what it means for your business!

Getting Started

Once you partner with VistaDash, your account coordinator will set up your store in the system. If you have multiple locations, you will need to license VistaDash for each store. During your account setup, you can enter your Google accounts, social media accounts, and dealership information so data can be collected from vendors and provide VistaDash with an automated daily feed.

You will also be able to enter in back data using our monthly data entry forms. In just a few minutes, historical budget data can be entered into VistaDash for trending and analysis.

Schedule a 10 Minute Demo

To learn more about VistaDash, please fill out the form below, and we’ll schedule a 10 minute demo with your team in the next few days.