VistaDash is a comprehensive reporting tool that allows you to review and analyze sales and marketing data from multiple sources and vendors at a glance! VistaDash’s clear, user-friendly interface displays your latest data trends, allowing you to quickly and easily analyze information to identify waste and broken processes.


VistaDash brings in data from your marketing partners using API technology. This allows VistaDash to automatically update and display all of your current data.

VistaDash has the ability to show analytics data for:  your website engagement, digital advertising, social media, online reviews, inventory page views, chat, and call tracking. From high-level graphs to in-depth data displays, VistaDash will help you see your data clearly for the first time, and because it’s a cloud-based solution, you can access your dashboard wherever you are.

VistaDash is for General Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Internet Directors, or anyone on your team who wants to make smarter business decisions by leveraging their data through the new Engagement Scoring metrics. When managers use VistaDash, not only do they save time, but they can identify thousands of wasted marketing dollars and/or broken sales processes.


VistaDash is the only independent data dashboard that scores all your website traffic to measure consumer engagement. VistaDash calculates the new marketing metrics: CPE, ZEP, EPS, FCR, and BCR to help you immediately identify waste and poor performing digital campaigns. VistaDash guarantees that it will identify waste in your online marketing campaigns.


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