Vistadash’s Edit Costs feature enables you to edit costs right in the Vendor Performance tab. With it, you can add budget information directly in that section, allowing for a much more accurate and updated vendor comparison process. Here’s how it’s done:


  1. Go to Conversions > Leads > Vendor Performance
  2. Click on the “ i ” icon next to a particular item in order to edit the Cost. For example, Cargurus:
  3. Enter the new Cost and then click on the Save button. The value must be a number without comma.
  4. Your new total cost should now show up!Notes:
    1. a) Edit Costs feature is available in the Vendor Performance Tab only for periods of one month. If you select periods greater than one month, the feature will be disabled.
    2. b) If you edit the Cost for an item that has been configured as recurring in the budget section, Vistadash will let you edit the value in the Vendor Performance tab. However, this updated value will be the new recurring cost going forward.

    c) The sub tab All for Vendor Performance with type Dealersocket does not support the option to edit the Total Cost.