The automotive CRM will be seamlessly integrated into ROI-BOT; data within the automated feed includes leads, appointments, shows and sales.

DealerSocketLogoROI-BOT is excited to announce the automated integration of DealerSocket, one of the leading automotive CRM companies, into ROI-BOT.

The existing file-loading integration is being replaced with an automated feed directly into ROI-BOT, allowing dealers to get their CRM data in real time.

The automated integration will not only facilitate the process of DealerSocket data into ROI-BOT, but will further enhance the existing metrics and widgets in ROI-BOT. This will increase the ability for mutual clients of DealerSocket and ROI-BOT to have access to their data right in their marketing software.

“We’re thrilled to be upgrading the integration of DealerSocket as it will benefit so many dealerships,” says Brian Pasch, founder of ROI-BOT. “The automated data feed offers data instantly and allows clients to quickly access all of their reports for all vendors, now including DealerSocket.”

This first phase of automated integration with ROI-BOT, now available in all ROI-BOT dashboards, provides data on leads, appointments, shows and sales, per source. The second phase, to be completed later this year, will build detailed sales reports by make, model, and year of vehicles.

As one of the automotive industry’s leading CRM systems, DealerSocket’s proactive product suite helps dealership’s manage opportunities and create processes to optimize the overall customer experience

“ROI-BOT allows us to continue our promise of providing the most complete and ultimate automotive experience for our customers,” says Matt Redden, Chief Sales Officer at DealerSocket.

Dealers looking for better insight into their data and vendors looking to integrate into the software can schedule a demo here or by calling 888-710-2249.

Demos of ROI-BOT and the DealerSocket integration will also be available at Booth 6509W at NADA 2015 in San Francisco, CA.

About ROI-BOT:
ROI-BOT is designed to be the standard for automotive data warehouse providing valuable insights and simplifying the infinite data of automotive marketing. ROI-BOT is a vendor neutral data warehouse that gives dealerships the ability to consolidate and simplifies reporting to just one login. The software incorporates automatic data feeds and manual data entry so there are no limitations to which vendor’s data can be stored.

About DealerSocket:
Since 2001, DealerSocket has provided the automotive industry with the most comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and training solutions available. Allowing auto dealers to save time and money, and improve sales staff effectiveness with one consolidated product. With the power to manage sales, service, CSI, marketing, and training, DealerSocket is the complete source for all customer-facing automotive dealership departments.