Daily Chat Statistics Integrated Into ROI Dashboard

Ed Parkinson, VP Auto Sales at ContactAtOnce! and Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting announce that chat engagement data from Contact-At-Once! are now integrated into the ROI-BOT dashboard.  Contact-At-Once! joins a growing list of automotive vendors that support data transparency, portability,  and executive level central reporting to increase the visibility of the ROI that their services provide dealers.

Specifically, ROI-BOT will increase the visibility of the ROI generated by  interactive chat software.   ROI-BOT will allow chat customers to see visual trends in chat engagement as well as setting automated alerts if chat answer rates fall below a predefine quality threshold.

ROI-BOT is a single-login solution for car dealers to visualize their key data metrics for search, social, chat, advertising, reputation management, call tracking, third party classified sites, CRM performance metrics, and much more.  ROI-BOT provides even greater value for dealers that own multiple franchises since the software provides enterprise reports.

Contact-At-Once! software is integrated on dealership websites, Cars.com, Autotrader.com, and other 3rd party platforms used by car dealers. “We have been working with Brian for a few years now. We wanted dealers to see the number of conversions that were coming through chat. We wanted to be more visible.” comments Ed Parkinson.

Take a minute to watch the video interview with Ed Parkinson to hear his answer to this question: “Why should all car dealers be using chat on their website?”.


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About Contact-At-Once!

Recently named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America, Contact At Once! is a SaaS provider that operates industry-specific merchant networks built around its proprietary website chat software that vertical search websites embed in online ads and that merchant advertisers deploy on websites and landing pages. Contact At Once! website chat typically increases by at least 25% the number of online shoppers that initiate contact.

For additional informatiov visit: http://www.contactatonce.com/