Who is Roy?

ROI-Bot (a.k.a Roy), the centralized dashboard for all of your vendor reporting needs, has been adding new features over the past few months.

What Information Does ROY Provide You With?

Sit down to “have coffee with Roy” as part of your morning routine. Roy will provide you with valuable insights regarding your data, but more importantly, he will Whats ROIBOTprovide you with the following:

1)   Actionable data in order to determine what marketing strategies (traditional or digital) are working

2)   Data and reporting metrics from your Vendor Partners in order to have intelligent conversations with them, and hold their teams more accountable

3)   Vehicle Details Page (VDP) Trends and Costs

4)   Make your life easier! Instead of logging into 5 different dashboards, printing reports, reading through them and determining an action plan, Roy automatically pulls the data into one spot for you

5)   Alerts.  Setup email alerts for you and your team to get notified if metrics drop lower then expected.

What Vendors Does Roy Work With?

RIO-Bot is now integrated with some of the industries most reputable companies including; PCG Digital Marketing, Cars.com, LotLinx, VinSolutions, DealerSocket, Dealer.com, Cobalt, Dealer eProcess, DealerLab, Contact At Once, Century Interactive, Reach Local, HookLogic, Who’s Calling, CallSource, Gubagoo, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Yelp!, DealerRater, Yahoo! Reviews and the list continues to grow.

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of data to view all at once, so that’s why ROI-Bot is simplifying your life one step further and adding a “dealer score card” feature in January.  The Score Card will be visible on the main dashboard screen upon logging into your ROI-Bot account, and will immediately show you the urgent areas of focus for your dealership.  Lets face it, we all want to “do well in school,” so let Roy help you achieve your best Digital Score for your dealership!

Take a peek at our latest Info-graphic below and give us a call at 908-601-6475 to set up your first meeting with Roy.