Client Testimonials

I appreciate Vistadash as a tool and as a partnership. As a tool, it’s like having x-ray eyes over our visitor traffic data and patterns. As a company, Vistadash has been responsive to the change requests that I occasionally make. Thanks, Vistadash!
Craig Geis

Internet Marketing Director, North Coast Auto Mall Group

What I find most valuable about Vistadash is that it enables our team to monitor the quality of our online marketing campaigns based upon engagement. With this insight, amongst other things, our team becomes empowered to modify or eliminate underperforming campaigns early on to eradicate waste and to improve the efficiency of our advertising.
Matt Lamoureux

Marketing & E-commerce, Bozard Ford Lincoln

There are many products that promise to revolutionize our multi-million-dollar budgets, but the only one that delivers that Holy Grail for us is Vistadash. The ability to show which channels and vendors bring us prospects that actually engage with our website is the final chapter of the story we’ve been dying to read. It’s the difference between knowing your gross and net, intelligence versus guesswork!
Patrick J. Downes

Director of Digital Marketing, Ruge's Automotive, Inc.

By having the information in one spot I find myself finding actionable items on things that I might have easily forgotten to check if it had not been served up to me in an easy to understand format.
Kenan Pyeatt

General Manager, Lithia Toyota of Abilene

“The tools that are currently available to car dealers to measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing are very limited in their scope. While using Google Analytics to measure the engagement of traffic to your website by the number of SRP and VDP views that are generated has value, it doesn’t tell us enough to make good business decisions as to the effectiveness of that advertising source… By using Vistadash, our dealerships can finally see the true quality of the traffic that we are generated. This has already allowed us to change the deployment of our digital advertising resources from low engagement sources, to those that have high engagement, and completely eliminate those that create zero engagement.”

Tom Moore

Morgan Auto Group