Vendor Partners

VistaDash uses industry data feeds to simplify the data entry and storage for vendors that have daily transactional data. For example, VistaDash captures data automatically from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, and social media accounts each day, giving you access to updated information in the moment–not at the end of the month.

Our list of automated data feeds is growing each day.

Our Goal – Seamless Data Integration

Certified Data FeedVistaDash collects and stores all data sources that dealers want to capture in their secure VistaDash data warehouse. Each company serving the automotive industry has their own reporting metrics and key data points that dealers use to analyze their investments and operations. See how these metrics fall in line with other vendors and platforms in VistaDash. We have created automated connections and manual fields to make sure the monthly data is captured and stored for future analysis.

Some vendors only provide summary data via a monthly report, which is not a problem for VistaDash. Users can enter these manual data points for storage and analysis, simplifying the need to refer to dozen of printed reports when business meetings or analysis requires a discussion of historical data.

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