“The CarNow customer engagement platform now records consumer engagement events in Google Analytics to allow dealers using VistaDash to calculate Cost per Engagement for all online marketing investments. CarNow advocates marketing transparency and has joined with PCG and VistaDash to create better marketing inspection tools.”

Eatontown, New Jersey, Dec 12, 2016 – CarNow, a robust customer engagement platform for automotive dealers, has completed their certification in the PCG Engagement Project. The PCG Engagement Project is an open-standards, automotive marketing initiative which allows dealers to inspect the quality of their website traffic to improve engagement, appointments, and sales.

CarNow’s Visual Sales Messenger will now record consumer engagement events in Google Analytics, which will be used to calculate engagement and traffic quality scores in VistaDash. CarNow software will adhere to the published event names and definitions provided by PCG Companies. Their certification ensures that VistaDash will properly credit CarNow’s technology, which was designed to increase engagement from consumers who visit a dealership’s website.

VistaDash, the auto industry’s most complete, independent reporting dashboard, has been recently upgraded to support the PCG Engagement Project. VistaDash will now analyze paid and earned media traffic based on valuable website engagement events. The engagement scoring matrix now includes CarNow chat sessions, text messaging, and leads generated by their Visual Sales Messenger.

Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Companies commented, “Using VistaDash, with the new engagement metrics defined by PCG Companies, dealers will see that 20-40% of their paid advertising traffic is not engaged. These insights can instantly save dealers thousands of dollars in wasted advertising which can be redirected to marketing channels that produce higher website engagement”

Aaron Baldwin, VP of Business Development from CarNow commented “CarNow’s Visual Sales Messenger takes traditional chat and digital retailing concepts to the next level. We embraced the PCG Engagement Project because we support marketing transparency and because our platform has twice the engagement of any chat platform on the market.”

Auto Dealers who want to know which marketing channels are producing the highest engagement on their website can now get those answers in VistaDash. VistaDash has partnered with dozens of automotive software developers, like CarNow, to present dealers with a single login and reporting platform for all their sales and marketing data. The addition of CarNow engagement events and conversions will benefit dealers who use both platforms.

For more information about CarNow’s Visual Sales Messenger, contact Tim Cox at 770.480.7695 or visit www.CarNow.com. To learn more about VistaDash, contact Dan Webb at 732-450-8200 or visit www.VistaDash.com

About CarNow

CarNow is a leading provider of live customer engagement solutions for the Automotive industry. CarNow’s live-assistance software platform revolutionizes the way dealers communicate and transact with online customers by integrating dealer data, industry data, and best-in-class technical integrations with elegant live-assisted workflows for digital retailing. Launching with its first customer in December 2014, CarNow has become one of the fastest growing technology providers in Automotive. Additional information on CarNow’s products, features, and manufacturer certifications can be found at www.carnow.com.

About VistaDash

VistaDash is a robust executive dashboard for the automotive industry that consolidates data reporting from dozens of sales and marketing partners. VistaDash provides independent data insights and traffic quality scoring to help dealers identify waste and improve the ROI of their marketing investments. VistaDash integrates with popular automotive websites, CRM platforms, call tracking, and marketing tools unique to the auto industry. The software also integrates popular marketing data from companies that include Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Conductor. The software is now compliant with the open standards defined by the PCG Engagement Project. Additional information on the features, capabilities, and costs of VistaDash can be found at www.vistadash.com.

About PCG Companies

PCG Companies is a collection of automotive marketing and education companies that provide dealers with individualized marketing, training, and cutting-edge data intelligence. Founded by Brian Pasch in 2005, the organization is known for their thought leadership in automotive marketing, sales process, and digital education.  In 2016, the company published information on the PCG Engagement Project, to define new metrics to inspect the quality of automotive advertising investments. The project has been embraced by forward thinking agencies and software vendors who want to help dealers sell more cars in a digital age. Additional information can be found at www.pcgcompanies.com.