Eatontown, NJ – June 28, 2016 – VistaDash automotive reporting dashboard recently welcomed an integration with Calldrip technology.

Calldrip, a company that believes that quicker connections lead to more sales, initiates phone calls between sales personnel and prospects on your site, giving them the opportunity to learn more and ask questions regarding your product or business. With up to 71% of leads potentially being wasted, Calldrip increases awareness and ensures that ll leads are contacted within seconds of the initial inquiry.

“We see Calldrip technology as an extremely valuable tool, especially for the automotive industry,” said Brian Pasch, Creator of VistaDash. “We are thrilled to have them integrate into VistaDash, and are looking forward to seeing the partnership between our two products benefit dealers.”

The Calldrip-VistaDash integration enables the viewing of customized Calldrip data and reports from a user’s VistaDash account. Users will have the ability to listen to call recordings as well as view daily, weekly, and monthly statistics and reports.

VistaDash is used as a comprehensive visual aid to review and analyze data from multiple sources. The clear, user-friendly interface enables professionals to make smarter marketing decisions.

About CallDrip

For more than 10 years Calldrip has been dedicated to helping businesses respond immediately to new inquiries. We’ve leveraged this experience to develop our suite of sales automation tools and have now deployed this technology to thousands of customers worldwide. By triggering a phone call between your sales team and your prospect while they’re still on your website, we’re able to increase conversations by as much as 900%. The privately held, fast-growing company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, visit