Since showroom traffic is down, you would think that auto dealers would be focusing on improving their processes to win the sale online. While many high performing dealers are benefiting from the increase in auto sales in the United States, dealers can never be too busy to inspect their phone handling processes.


In the chart generated by ROI-BOT Software show above, this dealer has inconsistent phone handling processes. ROI-BOT generated this report from direct API integration with Century Interactive, the call tracking company used by this dealer.

Why does this dealership have a large spike in unanswered calls on Wednesdays and why so little on Thursdays? I can’t answer that question, but this dealer should be getting that answer themselves. Of course, ROI-BOT automates these alerts so dealers are never surprised when processes fail.


Another call tracking report in ROI-BOT shows call responses based on the time of the day. It looks like this dealership has some early morning staffing issues that need to be addressed. It’s quite evident that dealers must be investing time to inspect their phone handling processes.

ROI-BOT makes it easy for managers to inspect all their online marketing data from website analytics, SEO, SEM, IRM, Social Media, lead handling, chat engagement, and the list goes on.

Phone Ninjas Training

phoneNinjasLogoDealers also need to invest in phone coaching/training, and one of the best training solutions on the market is Phone Ninjas. If you have not had a chance to get a demo of their service, visit If dealers are going to increase sales, the consumer’s FIRST IMPRESSION on a phone call will have a distinct impact on their decision to come in for a visit.

The combination of inspecting phone processes and investing in phone training is the winning combination for dealers in 2015. You can clearly see from data collected by DME Automotive that consumers are visiting LESS dealership showrooms prior to purchase.

To increase showroom visits, dealers must have the BEST phone skills and processes in their market.


How would you rate your phone processes? Are they fine tuned to make sure the online shopper who calls is convinced that they should visit your dealership first?

If you need help with accountability, give the team at ROI-BOT Software a call and we can show you how you can manage and master all your marketing data in under one hour a month!