By Brian Pasch

If you have been keeping up with industry trends, car dealers have been promised that Big Data will transform automotive retailing. In fact, three years ago vendors serving the automotive industry started to insert “Big Data” concepts into their PowerPoint Presentations.

Fast forward to 2014, and we are just starting to see some practical applications of Big Data in websites, CRM platforms, and digital advertising strategies. To date, I’ve been less than impressed with Big Data’s impact on automotive retailing.

I’m not the only one who is dissatisfied with the insights that are presented from business data. Aberdeen Group’s December 2013 Business Analytics Survey showed that:

 46% of CEO/Presidents were “dissatisfied” or “indifferent” with access to data they need.

What car dealers truly need is actionable insights provided by Fast Data reporting.  They need fast access to their local business and marketing data to make better decisions. They need the ability to quickly organize, analyze, and modify their monthly strategy based on their local marketing data.

They need to be proactively alerted when their data goes out of normal boundaries. They need immediate insights and answers to sell more cars at a lower cost.  Fast Data tools for automotive retailing will transform the business faster than Big Data.

ROI-BOT Dealer ScoreCard

ROI-BOT is the automotive industry’s groundbreaking Fast Data platform. In under 60 seconds, a Dealer or General Manager can diagnose the health of their marketing operations and digital strategy using our Dealer Scorecard.  ROI-BOT integrates reporting from dozens of popular marketing and technology providers to provide the industry’s most comprehensive centralized intelligence platform.

ROI-BOT gives back valuable time to automotive retailers by working 24×7 to monitoring their data; not some national average or trend-line from another market. ROI-BOT allows for multi-dealership groups to collaborate and learn from each other in real-time. ROI-BOT delivers immediate insights to the dealership’s data in our innovative Dealer Scorecard.

Reducing Hours To Minutes

1-minuteI know of no other solution that provides a Dealer Principal, General Manager, or Marketing Manager a customized “health score” for their business operations in under 60 seconds. When it no longer takes hours to compile vendor reports and review marketing analytics, an amazing transformation occurs.

Dealerships start to become more aware of the the new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to give them a competitive edge.  They start to look at their KPIs more often and they make smarter decisions. They eliminate marketing blunders. They become digital leaders and not followers.  That is what Fast Data can offer any dealership.

If you would like to see Fast Data in action, schedule a 10-minute demo of ROI-BOT software today. Complete the form on this page or call Mike Lizza at 732.450.8200.




Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting