Dealers, if you have been frustrated using Google Analytics to inspect referral traffic quality, look no further than ROI-BOT. Dealers can now easily inspect the quality of their referral traffic to their website on the dashboard.

Three new widgets have been added this week to ROI-BOT, allowing dealers to easily see the inventory-related KPIs (shopping behavior) for referral traffic and custom content pages.

The new Referral Traffic Performance widget allows dealers to see each referral source and inspect how many Search Results Pages (SRP) and Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) the visitors viewed. For example, if a dealer is paying to generate traffic that is supposed to represent “auto shoppers” and these visitors are not touching SRP or VDP pages, then the traffic is really not demonstrating shopping behavior.


Referral traffic URL sources have been hidden to protect the dealer’s data.

This new widget also shows dealers how consumers are using their website when coming from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any place where a dealer places links back to their website. ROI-BOT simplifies the inspection of website traffic and determining which sources are representing a high percentage of shopper behavior. Next month, we will be adding a column for phone calls for customers using Century Interactive call tracking.

Analysis By Campaign Names

Similar traffic analysis can be used for social media, YouTube, or email marketing campaigns that are designed to sell cars. If your advertising partners are using campaign tags using Google’s URL Builder, you can reference this second new widget to look at traffic by campaign name.

In the Referral Campaign Performance widget, shown below, the dealer can see AdWords, email, CRM, and social media campaigns in one single view. This can simplify the inspection and adjustments needed each month for a dealer’s online strategy.


Reviewing Entry Page Traffic For SEO Quality

Dealers have been told that they should create “original” content for their website to increase organic traffic. I firmly agree with this statement with one caveat; the content focused on new and used cars should be driving consumers to look at in-stock vehicles.

The Website Entry Page Performance widget now puts the dealer’s content to the test, as shown below:


The dealer can see each page that created an entry point into the dealer’s website via organic and referral traffic. These entry pages are then analyzed to see how many SRPs and VDPs the sessions had. As you can see from this example, only six SRPs were viewed and ZERO Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP).

If these pages were designed to help a dealer connect with local auto shoppers, and they were, then the ROI of this content investment is NOT very strong.

ROI-BOT continues to automate the analysis that car dealers need to make smarter marketing investments and to fine tune their marketing strategies. These new features are found under the Analytics tab, as shown below. You can click on the “Organic Traffic” and “Referral Traffic” sub menus to see these new widgets and many more widgets that I did not include. You will have to see them for yourself!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.20.41 PM

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