Announcement of Vistadash Acquisition

Dear Valued Client,

We are excited to announce that Car Wars has acquired Vistadash.

Car Wars’ purchase of Vistadash gives dealers an added layer of transparency and uniformity. Car Wars already consults dealers on phone processes and now the company has positioned itself as the true expert in digital ad spend as well. The integration of Vistadash and Car Wars tracking tags will allow for a more straightforward setup experience for every dealer, and product development teams will make phone call metrics more visible and actionable inside Vistadash.

“This acquisition makes sense because we’re not only the creators, but the leaders in DNI, remaining at its forefront all these years,” said Cassie Broemmer, Partner and Executive Vice President of Business Development at Car Wars. “While a phone call is the most pivotal conversion channel at the dealership, most dealers still aren’t tracking those events the way they should be nor are they optimizing digital marketing most effectively. Now that our product is tied more closely to Vistadash, this makes us a complete solution in measuring marketing outcomes.”

Broemmer further adds that Moore will remain President of Vistadash and will be responsible for bringing the two companies together to elevate marketing insights for automotive. Dealers using both Car Wars and Vistadash can expect a more seamless platform experience. Be on the lookout for new development and groundbreaking synergy from both platforms.

Dan Moore, President of Vistadash, said, “We couldn’t be more excited about this acquisition, given the fact that both Car Wars and Vistadash provide an agnostic view of which marketing channels are providing the best results.”

While the acquisition provides an exciting new element to the automotive marketing space, Vistadash will continue to be a vendor-neutral platform and is open to fully integrate with all DNI providers.

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What you can expect with billing going forward:
1. You will be invoiced on Jan. 2nd for December and will be invoiced in arrears going forward, typically the 1st of the month.
2. Invoices will be sent via email from
3. Customers with credit cards on file will be processed on or around the 10th of the month after invoices are sent.
4. Please contact your account manager for a copy of the W-9 if required.
5. All future billing inquiries can be made at 1.800.256.3159 ext. 3

We look forward to serving you better as a result of the acquisition.

Dan Moore