Your website is your around-the-clock showroom; it is where consumers first establish an impression of your dealership. Therefore, your website must not be designed to show off, but to give consumers the information they’re looking for while establishing an admirable impression of your store.

People do business with people they like, and today’s shoppers want to be well-informed and gracefully assisted rather than being sold to. If your website does not provide this, you’re losing out.

So how do you create a website that will persuade visitors to choose your dealership? Here are five things your dealership website should include to win over today’s complex shoppers:


Video marketing gives consumers the content they want, without having to read through pages and pages of words. This is key to connecting with today’s busy (and somewhat lazy) shoppers.

Dealers should include a Why Buy from Us video, a Why Service with Us video, a Lease vs. Finance video, and other informative videos on their website to help form a human connection with consumers while providing them with helpful information.

You can even try adding in a few video blog posts on hot industry topics to see what works best for your dealership’s blog.

A Blog

Want to know the key to better rankings, higher engagement, and increased trust? It’s a blog!

New, relevant content helps to boost your search rankings and improve your site’s credibility in the eyes of Google.

Besides the SEO benefits, a blog also allows consumers to engage with your business. Write about topics that are interesting to your audience. Your blog should not solely rave about your products and services, but should instead serve to educate your consumers and gain their trust and respect.

Try to blog weekly on interesting topics including local events and news, industry tips such as, “5 Tips to Avoid a Flat Tire,” dealership news, or anything else that could benefit consumers. The goal here is to provide them useful knowledge, not to convince them to choose your dealership.

About Us Page

Your About Us page should tell the story of your dealership and be accessible from the top navigation bar.

Use this space to welcome your audience and give them an inside look into your dealership. This page, if executed correctly, should leave consumers with a sense of transparency and encourage a human connection between your staff and shoppers.

Try using facts and data to show the value of your team, but be mindful of your word choice. You don’t want to brag, but instead, look to open up to them by providing a sincere voice. You can also include any awards or press mentions that you are proud of.

Tell and show what differentiates your brand from the competition. Use real, friendly photos of your employees and tell your audience how your business is different from others.

A visual connection goes a long way with consumers, so invite them into your site with the warm, welcoming faces of your team!

Full Contact Information

It should be as simple as possible for your customers to get in touch with you. Be sure to have a prominently placed address, phone number, and even a Contact Us page.

Your Contact Us page should be accessible from your top navigation, and should include the following:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Hours
  • Location on a map
  • Information request form and/or email address
  • Links to your social tabs
  • Contact us

You may also use this page to send customers to useful resources such as a FAQ page for common questions or link to any blogs that provide solutions to frequent automotive challenges.

If you don’t already have one, a managed chat service is something to consider. Making it easy for customers to inquire about your products and services will create a positive first impression and promote a valuable relationship with your visitors.


If you talk about how great your dealership is, it’s bragging. If your customers do it, it is the most powerful marketing asset you can have.

New, up-to-date reviews are valued by both potential customers, and Google; so be sure to include them on your site!

Remember, consumers want to see both the quality and the quantity of your reviews. Implement a consistent process to ensure that you are continuously getting reviews across multiple review sites. Try to respond to all reviews, and make it a point to respond to all negative reviews to show that you care about your customers’ input.

When consumers are searching for a new vehicle or place to service, they hit the web to do their research. Therefore, your website must be designed to provide them with the greatest level of quality service and information. Be sure to include these five elements for a highly engaging dealership website!